Transforming Campus: Faith, Mission, Future!

Welcome to one of the best ways to tangibly influence others for Jesus and ultimately REACH the world! Almost 20 million students are enrolled nationally in our colleges and universities (a fourth of whom are new freshmen each year), and over 100,000 foreign students come to the U.S.A. We realize not only the crucial formation and life direction that occur during the college years, but also that these people are sent out to become the next generations impacting God’s kingdom in counties, cultures, and even countries! Change the campus, and we will change the world!

Please learn below how you can join with us in what God is doing for the thousands coming right to our door step here in San Angelo!

Dear Alumni & Friends of the Christian Campus Center: As semesters on campus speed ahead and post-college life progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay connected with the many who have been a part of the BSC/CCC over 50 plus years. We will SO appreciate your help updating our record of your involvement and sharing your story of this ministry!!! To do so Click Here

You probably know the life, growth, learning, laughter, hugs, tears, and various other things that have taken place in what began as the Bible Study Center at Angelo State University! Although primarily designed to function as a Bible chair building furnished with a classroom, library, and other basics, students from prior decades to today have utilized the ideally situated Christian Campus Center as a ministry tool providing a place for fellowship, worship, study, gathering, relaxation, outreach and ultimately being a Christian presence right on campus!

PARTNER WITH US: We are thrilled that the Christian Campus Center is not just continuing to exist; not just being brought up-to-date; it is being expanded and reconfigured in order to effectively carry out God’s mission at ASU for decades to come! If you would like to get involved in our campus transformation see below for ways that you can help.


We, the CCC staff and elders of the Johnson Street Church of Christ, are humbled and overjoyed at what God has done so far through what began as a Bible Study Center. As we anticipate the years ahead, we are committed to continuing to minister to the largest mission field around! Doing so in our current location is an advantageous, yet significantly costly endeavor of $2 million – but we believe it is the best option considering our past, present, and future ministry. We are inviting all who have been, whose loved ones have been blessed through the CCC, and those that deeply believe in the mission, to partner with us by financially committing to this faith project in order to effectively and faithfully bear witness at ASU to the transforming love and good news of Jesus Christ!


  • PROJECT VIDEO – Go today to and our youtube channel to see ministry highlights and building project progress
  • PRAY for the Rams for Christ ministry and the facility transition at the Christian Campus Center
  • VISIT Angelo State and the CCC to see with your own eyes all that is happening on campus
  • PRAY for the overall financial giving toward “Transforming Campus” and how it involves you personally
  • ADVOCATE for students to seek out and step up in campus ministries during college, and share awareness of this project with friends and family

Contribution Options

Give Online Here

Select “CCC Transforming Campus” under Fund


Give by mail

Make checks payable to Johnson St. Church of Christ and list “Transforming Campus” as the memo. Please mail to 2200 Johnson St., San Angelo Texas 76904 with attention “Project Treasurer.”