If you are looking for community and discipleship during the week or on the weekend, we invite you to check out the following groups listed below. We would love to have a chance to connect with you. We offer online classes and in-person classes to choose from.




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Reach 2021: “Oikos” is a 4 week focus on how we can better reach people in 2021. This year our Sunday morning programming will focus specifically on our oikos, which is Greek for household, family, or you could even consider it your sphere of influence. We all have an oikos and it averages about 8 to 15 people. If you want to reach people for Christ, then start with your oikos and focus on those who are closest to you. In this conference, we’ll discuss practical ways we can reach, impact, and bless our oikos.


What’s Your Oikos w/ Phil Gold

It all begins here. This class gives you the 30,000-foot view of all things “oikos”. We encourage you to attend this before any of the others, so that you have the foundational principle down. Click the YouTube link to watch the recording of this class. 

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How To Lose A Friend In 10 Days w/ Andrew LaCombe

Taking a look at how talking the talk and walking the walk go hand-in-hand when it comes to living with our Oikos in mind.

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Oikocentric Care Ministry w/ Bryan Elliott

We will explore how you can intentionally connect with and  encourage your Oikos as they navigate everyday life, be it in good or troubled times.

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Parenting: We’re In The End Game Now w/ Jason Creed

The new parenting resource we bought for you isn’t time travel, but it’s the next best thing! Come learn how to use it. This class has an early start time.

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The Life Of An Oikocentric Church w/ Phil Gold

Oikos has been working accidentally in our church for decades. This class shows us how we can be intentional about using this principle throughout all of our ministries.

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Wednesday Night ZOOM Class - 6:30PM

Marvelous goodbye PSDThis class runs January 6 - January 27. The confusion of voices in today’s Christian world has become immense. It’s hard enough for Christians to deal with pagan philosophy and even harder to deal with “Christian” philosophy that isn’t Christian or biblical. In this class on Christian Assumptions, we will discuss some of the “beliefs” we hold that may or may not be correct. Handouts are available and a recorded discussion of each class will be posted after each class

Assumption 1 – It’s selfish to have my needs met

Lesson 1 Handout

Lesson 1 Video

Assumption 2 – If I’m spiritual enough, I will have no pain or sinfulness

Lesson 2 Handout

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Assumption 3 – If I change my behavior, I will grow spiritually and emotionally

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Assumption 4 – I just need to give it to the Lord

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Assumption 5 – If I have God, I dont’ need people

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Lesson 5 Video

Assumption 6 – Shoulds are good

Lesson Handout

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Assumption 7 – Guilt and shame are good for me

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Assumption 8 – If I make right choices I will grow spiritually

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Facebook Live with Scott Allen - 9AM

LIVE WITH SCOTTJoin Scott Allen, our senior minister here at Johnson Street, every Monday & Wednesday morning during the week on Facebook, starting at 9am. Scott leads us in a time of brief study and reflection as we start off our day. So grab your cup of coffee and join us every weekday morning live at 9am on our church Facebook page. Be sure to comment and say “Hi”. We would love to connect with you!

CLICK HERE to watch live on Facebook!

COLLEGE MINISTRY Sunday mornings at 9am @ the Christian Campus Center (1920 Johnson Ave. San Angelo) Sunday evening worship & meal. Worship is @ 7pm / meal to go @ 8pm Womens & Co-Ed Small Groups - Time and locations vary. What a beautiful thing it is to see students wake up in time to dig into the Bible together! We hope you’ll find the Rams For Christ Ministry to be an engaging and thought provoking experience. RFC currently meets online only

Johnson Street Youth Sundays, 9:00am - 9:45am 6th-12th grade Bible class in the youth room / café

Wednesdays, 7:00pm - 8:00pm Grade specific Huddle groups. Middle School huddles meet in the youth room / café, High School huddles meet in homes

Sundays (2nd and 4th of the month), 7pm - 8:30pm 6th-12th grade free time and organized activities in the gym / youth room