Family. All different shapes, sizes, and expectations...

OUR MISSION Resource and partner with parents to help lay a spiritual foundation by teaching children and students to: Reach Up - Reach In - Reach Out

We realize that the word family evokes different emotions in each of us. For some, it brings joy and warmth. For others, confusion and sorrow. Families today take on as many different variations as there are homes in our community. At JSCC, our goal is to walk alongside of you and your family and resource you so you can lead and love your household into a long life of obedience and blessing.

Our Family Ministry strives to provide you with the tools to make life easier and a strategy for both church AND home to give kids a faith that will last forever and make the church community a place they want to be.

Resourcing Families

RightNow Media As a member of JSCC, we’re providing you with FREE ACCESS to RightNow Media. This library of tens of thousands of Bible studies, kids’ videos, and more (think of it like a Netflix for Bible studies) is our gift to help you and your family go deeper in your faith! Contact the office to register.