“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. 
Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” — Luke 10:2

Join JSCC on a Short-Term Mission Trip

WHY GO ON A MISSION TRIP? JSCC works with partner organizations and missionaries around the world. Several short-term mission trips are organized each year: usually a blend of work, outreach, and support to current cross-cultural workers and churches.  We believe every member of the church should go on a short-term mission and experience doing ministry locally, regionally, or internationally. Check below for details on upcoming mission trips. Have questions about mission trips? Shoot us an email -

Biblical Institute of Central America

The Biblical Institue of Central America (BICA) serves the regions of Guatemala & Honduras. It supports and trains local people to minister to other local people, who in turn are trained to minster to others, who in turn… This “multiplying” ministry has started 12 churches and baptized over 2000 people. The concept comes from 2 Timothy 2:2 where Paul instructs Timothy to teach others what he had learned from Paul.

Itu, Brazil Mission

Antenor and Phyllis Goncalvez started a new church 50 miles south of Sao Paulo in a town called Itu, Brazil in 1996. The church as grown by leaps and bounds! It has over 300 members and has already planted 3 new congregations in just ten years. They support an orphanage, a halfway house, and a T.V. ministry.

Kenya Church of Christ Children's Home

We are privileged and honored to partner with Jennifer Ashlock in Kitale, Kenya. Jennifer grew up at Johnson Street and was a very active member of the JSCC Youth group and Christian Campus Center going on several Mission trips to Mexico. She felt the Lord calling her to the mission field in Africa and started working there in Uganda. After some time serving in Uganda, she was connected with the Kitale Church of Christ Children’s Home, KCCCH, in Kitale, Kenya. Jennifer wears many hats at KCCCH including leading a Bible study for the staff and every grade level of student at the home. She is in charge of spiritual formation of the students including service projects that she coordinates to show the students the love of God through service to others. She helps with the administration of the Children’s home by dealing with staffing issues, student issues, and serving on the board of the Children’s home. We support Jennifer through our prayers and personal visits, as well as monthly monetary support. Continue to keep Jennifer and this great work in your prayers!

International Students at ASU

Serving the world doesn’t always mean we have to leave our neighborhood!! Each year the Angelo State University campus is home hundreds of foreign students. God has brought the Nations to us!! Rams For Christ, the Campus Ministry of JSCC on the ASU campus, is strategically and supernaturally placed in the heart of this campus and makes contact with the students each week. Your prayer and support of this vital Mission work is coveted. Keep in mind that while RFC does Mission work every day on the ASU campus, they are also training and discipling students who will eventually travel and live all over the wrold to be Missionaries! This is a ministry of being Sent & Sending! Our Campus Ministers, are always seeking partners in this unique ministry. Please contact them to see how you can do Foreign Missions without even leaving San Angelo!